Irvine struggles an epic war between the power-hungry Developers, Westwood and Blizzard, and Operation CWAL is caught in the cross-fire. When resident mage, Duraznos goes missing, Fearless is tasked with bringing him back, and anyone else he can find.

Talk of evacuation has several CWALers on edge. Archangel tells Fearless of a plan a few CWALers might have to fight back the storm and save their city. But can they trust their source? Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment falls under new management.

With Fearless and his handful of CWALers missing, Gaval finds his defensive lines crumbling. The V Man steps in to pick up the slack, but has his own hands tied with CWL and their new initiate. Phasmus expounds on his true intentions to a familiar minion.

Arcturus devises a plan to infiltrate the elementary school to find answers. Malice devises a plan to infiltrate the elementary school to find power. Westwood devises a plan to infiltrate Blizzard Headquarters and assassinate Malice.

Tensions rise in CWAL as the war takes its toll on morale. Shade suffers telepathic visions of Malice and the evil powers she has unlocked. Meanwhile, Fearless and his team sail steadfast aboard CARV's submarine, to find something they know nothing about.

Team Fearless touch land to find Blizzard has beat them to the punch, and something has beaten Blizzard to death. Meanwhile, Seraph is assigned two newbies to infiltrate the last remaining cathedral and extract holy water to combat the new demonic threat.

Archangel and Fearless deduce their artifact lies beneath the sea, but Miss Cheetah discovers the power the artifact requires to operate, casting doubt on the entire operation. Operation CWAL faces its own crisis as the sky darkens and the streets flood with demons rushing to devour their souls.

The hunt for the artifact comes to a bloody conclusion in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea as the CWAL/PhasCo alliance clashes with the tomb-raiding Blizzard crew. As old players meet tragic ends, new pieces enter the game and tensions rise between a Malice mad with power and a cyborg Head Programmer battling uninvited emotions.