What is CWAL Holocaust

CWAL H. is a pet project of mine. I wanted to experiment with the darker, grittier side of what CWAL Prime might be like. I also wanted to see how a screenplay would flow within the parameters of Operation CWAL.

Right, but what IS CWAL Holocaust?

Oh, right. Well pretty much the story is a bleak future for our heroes. Thirty years after the golden age of CWAL, things are pretty tarnished. Successful development in the mid 2010s lead Westwood back to the top of the charts, far surpassing the other dim ventures of EA games. By 2021, Westwood had bought its freedom from the titan corporate EA and then absorbed it in the Game Market Crash Bail-out, bringing the company back up to the top where it once again faced off with Blizzard Entertainment.

As with usual CWAL Prime activities, selling video games isn't enough to rise one to world domination (a goal shared by all game developers, of course) and CWAL found itself smack in the middle of a corporate mega-war. Irvine, California is now the Mecca of Chaos, a country of its own now cut off from the rest of America and more or less avoided by the better part of the rest of the world. The entire city lay in ruins and still the Developers pound into each other, their original vision of selling games completely lost in the debris of desolation.

Operation CWAL now faces a choice: Stay and fight the old fight, hopefully stop the juggernaughts from obliterating their beloved coffee shop, or cut their losses and relocate somewhere else. Either way, pain will be felt, people will die and Operation CWAL will never be the same again.

A lot of major players are dropping like flies. Is this story cannon?

When killing characters, it's tradition to ask permission of their owners despite however long it's been since those characters have been used or forgotten. I haven't asked anyone's permission for the characters I've killed. And I don't plan to. What I'm hearing from most people is that they read this as a comfortable "could happen." I specifically chose a future this far ahead to write in because of the freedom I felt it allowed for me to move about. I honestly don't know if it's Cannon or not. I just know how it's going to end. And if it were Cannon...hahaha!

Does CWAL really die?

You'll have to find out.

Can my character be in it?

Everything's essentially laid out already. Any characters to be used, I've planned to use from the beginning. If something comes up, and it really means that much to you, sure.

When will the next episode be released?

While each episode runs only about ten pages, it's become very difficult to produce them given my extremely demanding workload right now. When things settle down with my real life projects, I'll be able to work faster. Until then, I type when I can and then correct when I can and then re-correct when I can so there really is no telling. Check the Forum for any announcements related to CWAL H.